alright, you little hypocrites

we will not stand for your bullshit anymore. and we will no longer be posting anything here. which is a shame. but all you little unappreciative tits have ruined it for the rest.

we would just like to say that those very few people who followed our tumblr who were nothing but pleasant and helpful, made it all completely worth while and helped us achieve what we set out to do.

to the rest of you, we hope you enjoy posting “your pictures”.

we’re too old of this bullshit anyways. it’s been fun tumblr.

and for the last fucking time. unless you personally took the picture with your own fucking camera, you do not own the rights the pictures you post. so you cannot say that we stole anything from you, you pathetic shits. 

happy masturbating!

we think they’re cute and we wish them luck.

fuck the haters.

happy new year!